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How do you solve the age old dilemma of mass vs. recoil? The more a gun weighs the less recoil the shooter will feel. Unfortunately, a heavy gun is not appropriate for every shooter. This problem has plagued many female shooters wanting to shoot a 12 gauge shotgun for clay target sports. The solution to the problem is to create a system that allows the gun to be light and responsive while drastically reducing recoil. That is exactly what the SYREN XLR5 Sporter accomplishes. The gas operated system has been specifically calibrated for target loads making the gun easy to shoot for even the most recoil sensitive shooters. Because the gun is designed for target ammunition it can function with very light recoiling 7/8oz. ammunition. The combination makes the XLR5 one of the softest shooting target guns available. We accomplished this while making the gun an amazingly light 7lbs 6ozs* for ease of handling.

Some of the other key features that have been incorporated include a stock that is designed to fit the female anatomy. A smaller pistol grip and adjustable trigger make the stock ideal for great variety of hand sizes. We also added a Monte Carlo comb and optimized the cast, pitch, and length-of-pull. The final result is a 12 gauge competition shotgun that is easy to handle, has very low recoil, and fits perfectly. The SYREN XLR5 Sporter, designed specifically for the female target shooter. No More Compromises.

*Average weight with 28″ barrels. Weight may vary based on wood density.

Gauge 12 Gauge
Operation Stainless Steel Piston, gas operated
Barrel Length 28″ (71cm), 30″ (76cm)
Chamber 2.75″
Chokes 5 EXIS HP™ Competition Choke Tubes
Action Finish Titanium™ Silver
Stock Turkish Walnut
Wood Finish Triwood™
Length of pull 13.75″
Weight 7lbs 6oz.*
Proof test 1630 BAR
Case Hard Case with fit interior
Warranty 5 years
*Average weight with 28″ barrels. Weight may vary based on wood density.
Stock Dimensions
Drop at comb 1.5″
Drop at heel 2.25″
Length of pull 13.75″
Cast at heel 0.125″
Cast at toe 0.125″
Breech to comb 10.5″
Reach* 4″
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