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The Syren Magnus is as elegant as it is distinctive.  The side plate action elongates the lines of the shotgun offering a graceful appearance. To further enhance the action, Bottega Giovanelli was commissioned to create a one of a kind engraving motif featuring a contemporary twist on the classic bouquet and scroll pattern.

The action is completed by a hand polished coin finish that is coated with our proprietary Invisalloy™ that guards against rust and tarnishing.  To complement the metal work, the stock is crafted from a deluxe grade of Turkish Walnut with a semi-gloss oil finish to bring out the beauty of the wood.  The final result is a shotgun that is as captivating and unique as its owner.

Gauge 20 28
Barrel length 28” (71cm) 28” (71cm)
Avg. Weight** 6lbs 9oz 6lbs 4oz
Action finish Hand polished coin finish with Invisalloy™ protective finish Hand polished coin finish with Invisalloy™ protective finish
Stock Finish Hand rubbed oil Hand rubbed oil
Checkering 26 lines per inch 26 lines per inch
Recoil Pad Wood butt plate Wood butt plate
Chamber 3” 2 ¾”
Top Rib Width 6mm (.24”) parallel and ventilated Width 6mm (.24”) parallel and ventilated
Center Rib Non-Ventilated Non-Ventilated
Forcing Cones Standard Standard
Avg. Barrel Weight 28”- 2lbs 11oz 28”- 2lbs 8oz
Avg. Bore .626, chrome lined .554, chrome lined
Chokes 5 nickel plated, flush fitting chokes 5 nickel plated, flush fitting chokes
Sight(s) Silver front bead Silver front bead
Fore-end Schnabel Schnabel
Trigger Single selective Single selective
Safety Manual (Automatic as an option) Manual (Automatic as an option)
Accessories Choke wrench and case Choke wrench and case
Case Hard case with fit interior and combination locks, velvet stock sleeve and barrel sleeve Hard case with fit interior and combination locks, velvet stock sleeve and barrel sleeve
Warranty Caesar Guerini Lifetime warranty Caesar Guerini Lifetime warranty
**Weights may vary based on wood density.
Stock Dimensions
Drop at comb 1.4″ 1.4″
Drop at heel 2.5″ 2.5″
Length of pull 13.75″ 13.75″
Cast at heel 0.25″ 0.25″
Cast at toe 0.5″ 0.5″
Breech to comb 7″ 7″
Reach* 4″ 4″
All Measurements are subject to change without notice and are based on average measurements. *Measured from the center of trigger adjustment.
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