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Even the most sophisticated computer-controlled machines cannot match the consummate skill of the best craftsmen and gunsmiths when it comes to creating an investment-quality field shotgun such as the Forum. Each Forum field gun is the result of numerous hours of hand labor by artisans with a passion for precision, premium quality and attention to the smallest details. Every surface—even those hidden from view—is hand polished, and all components are hand-fitted to ensure flawless operation. The engraving on the Forum has been enhanced to include more coverage and detail, and it features our revolutionary new full-length trigger guard. This unique design uses no screws, resulting in a clean, seamless look, and the guard terminates in a perfectly fitted skeletal grip cap for an elegant flair. The Forum’s stock sports a classic Prince of Wales grip, which matches perfectly with our trim, rounded fore-end, giving the gun distinctive British lines. To complete the package, the stock features exactingly cut, extra-fine checkering, a checkered butt plate and a hand-rubbed oil finish.



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